• An ideal place for wedding receptions

    Welcome to Jedraž

Jedraž is located on the doorstep of the Bohemian Forest, a few kilometers for hosting the, famed Troškovými movies. In this 600 year-old building, which has stood for Hussites, the trail runs to merchant and former owners back to the House where Vítkovci and is reportedly buried treasure, We offer a unique relaxation and well-being, which is typical for Jedraž. *** Adhered to the exact timetable nor slavish habits of civilization, which solves nothing, only destroys us - let everything flow so ..., as it has run .... And because many happy returns and surprisingly often ....

We look forward to you and you look forward to us..

Some contend, that upon entering the main gate at Jedraž feel a special peace and relaxation, hard words that describe .... some are able to describe the state, but only in alcoholic intoxication, However, it is almost impossible to understand them and not from the certainty, that jumble of strange words in the description, Questions or threat ...:-)

Weddings and wedding ceremonies
Possibility of wedding ceremony including ensuring inventory
Possibility of wet and dry options
There gateway wedding and a wedding gazebo with landing
Hall capacity to 90 reviews - After editing and arrangement and more
Barn dance floor for up to 180 reviews
The whole area, including a pond and near can be used for shooting.
Capacity building:35 reviews
Outdoor seating.
Barbecue and sitting by an open fire.
private events - absolute privacy.
Parties and training.

Such: +420 737 236 017

Address: Petr Zika | Jedraž 1 | 38601 Strakonice

It - mail: statekjedraz@gmail.com


costume rental STRAKONICE

We lend for private and public events of historical costumes for nobles and serfs, including small props and accessories. The costumes are mainly styled in period Gothic (14./15. century), but clothing "the mob" apply multiple historical periods. Costumes are suitable for craft markets, historical celebrations, days of living history in castles or in schools and larp battles and fancy. This is not an exact historical replicas, Costumes are not suitable for LH Events (living history).
We rent well casing, hood, návlekty shoes, purses and other accessories and fabulous costumes: White lady, devils, witch, nymphs and the like.