STODOLAA magical place as ideal for active recreation full of fun, good beer, Mead, jedražských specialties, (where the recipe so secret, or that torture does not work and the owner rudely silent), music, events and other favorite activities, which often lasts into the early morning hours – sometimes even longer, complete with friends and sometimes born with very short-term hot flash, of which sometimes invade and new and promising taxpayers (often only taxpayers), but also new friendships, which often last for decades….. where life pulsates in full swing and the word „conflict“ neither knows encyclopedia jedražský…..and where the ordinary and extraordinary worries fly away somewhere in the universe, and it is just fine…..


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The equipment available:

  • Ibanez Acoustic Guitars
  • 2 Microphones – 2 stands
  • Mix
  • Amplifier – Speakers
  • Lighting
  • Something like rumbakoule

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New bar in „Barn“

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Because muzikanty

Dear musicians. Going to Jedraž and taking with him an instrument? Arrange Jam Session with someone, who is coming at the same time as you and play together…… Slamming on till morning(((-:… The equipment is available – just plug and play……..ráááz,two, Trios, čtýýý….- RS The

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