Country Farm Jedraž

Jedraž is located on the doorstep of the Bohemian Forest, a few kilometers for hosting the, famously Slag movies.
In this 600 let Old buildings, that has already happened the Husitů, when passing trail leading merchant and former owners back to the Vítkovci family and where is supposedly buried treasure, We offer a unique relaxation and well-being, which is typical for Jedraž.

Svatba na Jedraži 01

Svatba na Jedraži 02

Svatba na Jedraži 03

Svatba na Jedraži 04

Jedraž is the ideal place to hold


  • Weddings
  • Rautů
  • Corporate parties
  • School reunion

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  • Festive events
  • Celebration
  • Music Production
  • and other body and spirit of community activities


..or simply just „darn“ and thus spend siesta with someone close, even secretly – the Jedraži term romance receives concrete form..

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Jedraž Jedraž Jedraž Jedraž


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Jedraž from the perspective of a bird or pilot Stefan

Some contend, that upon entering the main gate at Jedraž feel a special peace and relaxation, difficult words that describe….Some are able to describe the state of, but only in alcoholic intoxication, However, it is almost impossible to understand them and not from the certainty, that jumble of strange words in the description, query or threats…:-)

Does not comply with the precise timetable or slavish habits of civilization, which solves nothing, only destroys us – let everything flow…so, flow as it has….And because of that, many happy returns and surprisingly often….

We look forward to you and you look forward to us ..:-)

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Stylish Restaurant on Jedraži is ideal for organizing weddings, birthday celebrations, corporate parties and various celebrations and important days in your life.

Jedraž RestauraceJedraž RestauraceJedraž RestauraceJedraž Restaurace

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STODOLAMagical an ideal place for active relaxation of entertainment, good beer, Mead, jedražských specialties, (where the recipe so secret, or that torture does not work and the owner rudely silent), music, events and other favorite activities, which often lasts into the wee hours - sometimes longer, complete with friends and sometimes born with very short-term hot flash…..
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