Crocodile Zoo Protivín


Crocodile ZOO Protivín is a private zoo breeding 22 crocodile species, but also other animals, For example, snakes and turtles. Part of the zoo is the Zoological Museum, which is taken up not only the skeletal remains of crocodiles, but also in other vertebrate, a total of over 1200 exhibits ...

[] Direction Vodňany: Jedraž – Miloňovice – Cehnice – Drahonice – Protivín

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VESNICKÉ-KINO-STRITEZHistory china goes back to 1960, was projected on the machines for 16mm film. This machine was made by Meopta and had the designation Meopton 2…..[]


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MINIZOO-STRITEZGardening Střítež Bosko were established prior to 1990 and thanks to our many years of experience with us very satisfied customers come back. We are happy to serve you and look forward to your visit. Regards Bosco…..[] Direction Volyně:


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For hosting VOLYNĚ

HOSTICE-U-VOLYNEFamous film village

The first written mention of Hoštice lying under the hill Kalný comes from 1274. In 1315 Hoštice was once the settlements, which gives Queen Elizabeth of Bohemia privileges so called. králováckých communities and at that time belong to the so-called. Volyňského of this area…..[] Direction Hoštice: Jedraž – Hoštice

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LOCK Kratochvil

KRATOCHVÍLEOn the site of today's castle stood originally a farmstead called Leptáč, which in 1569 William gave the Rožmerka Rosenberg dominion and builders of ponds friend James Krčín of Jelčan. Krčín in these places built new court, around which established extensive hunting field. Thus, charmingly situated Justice Rosenberg regents liked enough, that it in 1579 exchanged with Krčín for the town Sedlčany 10 villages. Year 1583 commissioned by Wilhelm von Rosenberg walnut builder Baldassare Maggi of Arogne, that he built the model of Italian villas in the neighborhood of etching a new hunting lodge……[] Direction Volyně – Bavorov: Jedraž – Volyně – Čepřovice – Bavorov

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ZAMEK-DUBThe original fortress Dubsky of Třebomyslice of 15. century or older, in 17. century of Hodějov Říčanskými redesigned in the late Renaissance chateau, rebuilt after the middle 19. century J. Niklas neo for knights of Maurice Hönigsteinu……[] Direction Volyně: Jedraž – Volyně – Litochovice – Čepřovice – Jiřetice – Koječín – Javornice

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CITY VOLYNĚ – MUSEUM – Conservation zone

VOLYNEArchaeological findings, which is devoted to an extensive exhibition in the city museum, evidence of Slavic settlement already in 7. century. Smaller settlement – provinces Wolinich – in written records appeared but in the r. 1271. The origin of the name is still not known; connection with a Slavic tribe, once residing in Ukraine, are hypothetical….The importance of the place and rights of burgesses at the time is the fact, that 15. century led city Volyně long and ultimately victorious dispute with the royal town of Pisek import salt and toll…….In 1521-1529 was in the square walnut builders constructed Town Hall – graceful Renaissance building with arcades and towers, whose entire facade is covered with graffiti Original decoration, however, was the 350 years later heavily damaged by fire and the present decoration dates…..[] [] Direction Volyně: Jedraž – Hoštice – Volyně

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VIMPERK-ZÁMEKBased on the site of an older settlement zvíkovským burgrave Purkart from Janovic (Vrchotovy) and 2. half 13. century. Since the end 14. century the noblemen of Sulevice; at that time stood under the castle town. In 1470 holds a renowned warrior Vaclav Vlcek pricing. For Petra Kaplíř of Sulevice linked by 1479 town and castle in only fortified whole, also built outposts blockhouse Haselburg, which provided a weak point of the castle. Since 1494 the property of the Lords of Chýnov……..[] Direction Volyně: Jedraž – Volyně – Nišovice – Malenice – Čkyně

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Helfenburk-u-BavorovaMiddle of the forest on the mountain Malošíně located about less than five kilometers from the town Bavorova, Towering extensive remains of a Gothic castle. The castle was founded by four brothers of Rosenberg II. half of the 14th century. Foundation deed dated May 21 of the year 1355 confirmed even the Emperor Charles IV……[] Direction Volyně – Bavorov: Jedraž – Hoštice – Volyně – Litochovice

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HRAD-STRAKONICEWhat did he look Strakonický medieval castle, we can only assume, but you know, that it only mentions list Wenceslas I. in 1235 first and unquestionably. One of the witnesses Bavor here at that time had to be fortified residence, because they supplied the name nickname of Strakonice. The castle is in the middle 13. century approaches other surviving document from 1243, in which Bavaria from Strakonice donates Knights of St.. John of Jerusalem Church and the house with the exception of the princely house. That date, year 1243, is the official year of the arrival of the castle. Since then, the history of law and Strakonice castle linked to centuries……..[] Direction Strakonice: Jedraž – Milíkovice – Svaryšov – Pocket Lhota

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Bazen-strakoniceIndoor swimming pool There are 25 meters long swimming pool with six lanes and starting blocks on one side only. There is also a steam bath, plunge pool with massage jets (water temperature 36 ° C – 38° C) solar meadow, slide (86m). Locker rooms with showers are separately for women and men separately. Use of pool time is counted from the entrance to the dressing rooms (takeover castle from boxes hangers) after leaving the changing rooms (Return mansion from the cabinet for clothes). By purchasing a ticket, the visitor agrees to comply with „Spa procedure“ and follow the instructions of employees pl. Stadium, especially lifeguard.

Outdoor area is due to its location and area of ​​the nicest in the country. Visitors can enjoy a 50 meters swimming pool (depth of 1.60 m – 2,30m) with eight lanes, swimming pool with water slide (depth of 1.60 m), children's pool (depth of 0.50 m – 0,80m) with slide and castle with two smaller slides and finally paddling pool for the little ones.

Veknovní area features a bicycle sports equipment, where visitors can rent a mini golf stuff, table tennis, soft tennis, that basketbal, football, beach volleyball ad.


Direction Strakonice: Jedraž – Milíkovice – Svaryšov – Pocket Lhota

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KOUPALISTE-VOLYNEVolyňská municipal swimming pool, whose atmosphere and facilities still recall the time of the year 1941, experiencing exceptional summer. Ministry of Culture recently announced her cultural heritage, which recognized the uniqueness of the swimming pool, which is the only one of its kind in the country.
The prestigious award attracts tourists, and the city gives more chance to get grants for improvement of premises and, to maintain its historical face……[] Direction Volyně: Jedraž – Hoštice – Volyně

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